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Attract & Maintan a Loving Relationship

How to Build & Maintain a Healthy & Loving Relationship With Your Partner

Service Description

This program is designed for single and people in relationships. It will help you build and maintain healthy relationships by removing self-criticism, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. Wounding that you've received as a child had you behave in certain ways, and you get trapped in your own story, recreating that wounding and replaying that story over and over again decades later. Our ability to attract and maintain a loving relationship comes from very dimly-lit places inside of ourselves, and from experiences that were actually quite painful. They have shaped us, formed beliefs about ourselves and habits which we unconsciously run by for decades. We often rely on our closest intimate relationships to help us put together the pieces of ourselves. Reality is that YOU need to heal those wounds and put together those pieces of yourself. This program will help you do just that, heal those old wounds, overcome your triggers, replace the old beliefs with new up to date one, massively increase your self-worth, self-belief, confidence, and lovability. The way we feel about ourselves affects how others feel about us. We attract people who pick up on how we already feel about ourselves. In this program, you will get: 1. Three Initial Consultation (up to 60 min each) 2. Three RTT Sessions at a discounted price to address your most prevalent negative patterns, triggers and wounds that need to heal. You will understand what lies beneath, why how, where and when you formed certain beliefs, but most importantly you get to change them. Each RTT session is done at intervals of 21 days. 3. Session summary whereby we discuss your thoughts, feelings, and impressions of your RTT® experience. 4. Three Individual Hypnosis recordings These personalized audio recordings are specifically recorded for you, based on the session outcomes to help 'hard-wire' your new beliefs into your conscious and subconscious mind. 5. Weekly 60 min Mentoring Calls for the next 90 days to track your progress. IMPORTANT: By purchasing this program you are selecting the date of your first RTT session. Mentoring Calls and additional RTT sessions will be booked during your therapy session. BY CONFIRMING YOUR BOOKING YOU GIVE CONSENT TO OUR TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ THIS IN ADVANCE.

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