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Ultimate Confidence Package

Massively Transform Your Self - Esteem, Self Identity & Confidence

Service Description

Are you noticing that your self-critical voice has become tricky to manage? Maybe you’ve been struggling with low self-esteem for a while, or you’re experiencing a time in your life where life has become particularly overwhelming and your self-confidence has been impacted. When we’re operating from our inner confidence, we feel empowered within ourselves and our lives. When difficult things arise, we feel much more able to manage these situations. We can let go of things that aren’t serving us and feel a greater sense of clarity and calm within our minds. With this package you will get: 1. Three Initial Consultation (up to 60 min) where we get to: Define the objectives of your session. Set up the goals for the session. Understand how does the current problem show up in your life right now. Current triggers, symptoms and habits and your childhood. 2. Three RTT Sessions at a discounted price - Each session is done at intervals of 21 days. These are individual, customized RTT® therapy sessions to address issues related to: • Low confidence & self-esteem • Loss of self-identity • How to remove that self-critical voice • How to achieve your goals without procrastination • Improve your coping skills • Re-connect with your inner child - heal your inner child • Always Feel Good Enough • Feel Loveable 3. Session summary whereby we discuss your thoughts, feelings, and impressions of your RTT® experience. You will also receive instructions on how to use your personalized recording 4. Three Individual Hypnosis recordings These personalized audio recordings are specifically recorded for you, based on the session outcomes to help 'hard-wire' your new beliefs in 5. Weekly 60 min. Mentoring Calls for the next 90 days - You will receive practical tools and techniques on how to master your mind, learn how the mind works, and how to do mind management in your everyday life. Using mind management tools you will be able to instantly reduce stress, anxiety, and toxic thinking. We will also discuss your therapy progress, any triggers or other feelings that may come up during this time, you will get practical tools and mentoring to support your progress. IMPORTANT: By purchasing this program you are selecting the date of your first RTT session. Mentoring Calls and additional RTT sessions will be booked during your therapy session. BY CONFIRMING YOUR BOOKING YOU GIVE CONSENT TO OUR TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ THIS IN ADVANCE.

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