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Weight Management Package

Use Hypnosis to Change Your Relationship With Food & have Ideal Weight

Service Description

There is more to losing weight than "eat this and don't eat that." We are complex beings in a full-tilt world, and we need compassionate support on the deeper levels of our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs when it comes to being able to release weight in a healthy way that lasts. Typically, there are 4 reasons why we reach out for food: • Emotional • Habitual • Ignorant • Obsessive I have learned from my clients that no matter which of the above group you belong to, more than 70% is psychosomatic in nature. This is why I've developed this unique Weight Management package to discover the root cause and the psychology behind weight management & self-sabotage. Diets don't work, but understanding what's behind the weight gain does work. With this package, you will get: 1. Three Initial Consultations (up to 60 min each) 2. Three RTT Sessions - these are individual, customized RTT® therapy sessions to address the 3 most prevalent problems associated with your weight management. Presenting problems addressed during these sessions are tailored made based on your needs. Each RTT® session is done at intervals of 21 days. 3. Weight protocol to keep you on track. 4. Three Individual Hypnosis recordings These are personalized recordings to create new habits and rewire the old thinking patterns. 5. Applied Kinesiology procedure to guide as to what foods are right for you 6. Weekly 60 min Mentoring Calls in the next 90 days discuss your therapy progress, we tackle any triggers or other feelings that may come up during this time, you will get practical tools and mentoring to support your progress. IMPORTANT: By purchasing this program you are selecting the date of your first RTT session. Mentoring Calls and additional RTT sessions will be booked during your therapy session. BY CONFIRMING YOUR BOOKING YOU GIVE CONSENT TO OUR TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ THIS IN ADVANCE.

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