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what to expect in your RTT® session

As soon as you book your Discovery call, which is completely free of charge, we'll get to know each other better, you will help me understand what issue you would like to work on during your session, we'll discuss how this problem currently plays out in your life, what's it stopping you from doing, etc.

What you might not realize is that your feeling of trust and connection to your therapist holds a very important piece of your treatment. A key element in our discovery call is to enable the clients and the therapist to evaluate the therapeutic fit. 

We never have to be stuck with our looping thoughts, overthinking, and negative beliefs, we never have to suffer from anxiety, phobias, feeling not good enough, feeling different, feeling emotionally deprived, or putting others and their needs first. You never have to feel unworthy or criticize yourself ever again. You can change all of that!


You can control the way you think, you can manage your mind and you can reframe your thinking pattern, your behavior, and your actions.


When we question our beliefs, when we understand how, where, and why we got them, and why we still hold onto them for years or decades, we are empowered with tools that will set us free and enable us to live our life to your fullest potential. 

  • The mind is something you can control

  • Your brain is constantly changing, upgrading, and developing

  • When you start to understand how you think, feel, and behave

  • then everything changes.

During the RTT® session with me, I will use an array of layered techniques and tools that are crucial to:

  • Discover what lies beneath, the root cause of your negative beliefs and your presenting problem

  • Investigate when and how those beliefs have been created

  • Interpret and help you understand how these events and the interpretation you’ve created influence your life right and how have they created the presenting problem

  • Interrupt  your negative beliefs using various RTT® tools

  • Install new beliefs to overcome your most deep-rooted issues


Discover your root- cause & Investigate

RTT® recognizes and values the significance clients attach to their issues/problems, and then offers a powerful emotional release and overcoming of the most deep-rooted issues the clients may have. The RTT® session enables me, the therapist, and you, the client to discover what lies beneath, get to the root cause of your emotional or physical suffering, to uncover these hidden beliefs, assumptions, and mental states that form the blueprints of how we think, act, and behave. Hypnosis helps in this stage to bypass our conscious mind and directly access memories that you may or may not consciously remember. These events are absolutely crucial to how you got stuck with your presenting problem. 

Interpretation of events

At this stage, I will guide you to interpret the meaning of the events that form your negative beliefs, thoughts, and mental states. It is never really about the event that happens, no matter how traumatic it may be, the key element is to understand the meaning your mind has given it. What does this means to you, what is the thought process you formed right there?  These negative thoughts form your blueprint, condition your mind and form negative beliefs which are unconsciously running 24/, influencing your life, your behaviors, and your actions. In other words, how you act and behave in life. 


Interrupt your thoughts and beliefs

By this stage in your therapy, you've unpacked those memories and emotions, and you've understood when and how the negative beliefs have been formed and how they influence your life.

Now it's time to interrupt those thoughts and beliefs. Using various RTT® tools and modalities, I will help you break that old thinking pattern. This stage of the session is usually that A- ha moment when clients can understand with compassion why they had no other choice but to think, feel and act the way they did. What the mind tends to do is heal, repair itself, integrate, and express itself through the body in any form. When we work on it, we strengthen the capacity within ourselves that we didn't build for any reason as children. Through therapy, we can build that. The therapist then, in the field of his professionalism, gets the role of re-parenting, where the client experiences such experiences where he is anxious and settled. The therapist keeps you safe and thus helps you build new, more positive neural pathways in adulthood, new ways of functioning, and your capacity for self-care, resistance, and self-regulation increases. Your mind has all the tools to start new ways of thinking, you are changing your feelings and behaviors. You are changing!

By the end of this stage, you will no longer feel the need to ever again feel the way you've felt back then when you were younger. You will understand and you will be empowered to know that you can't go back to those feelings and emotions ever again. 

Install new beliefs

This is by far the most liberating part of the session. This is where my clients' entire appearance, and demeanor change, their voice, and entire face light up. It's the most liberating and empowering part of the session which is only the beginning of their new, upgraded life.


At the end of the session, every client will receive a customized hypnosis recording to help them reinforce those new thinking, feeling, acting patterns.  Using your brain's neuroplasticity to your benefit lies in the creation of habits. Common wisdom says it takes 21 days to turn something into a habit, however, my clients get the best results when they listen to their recording for a minimum of 63 days. 

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